Announcing BEEZexplorer


The Free and Natural Way to Explore Graph Databases

BEEZexplorer is a free web-based application that simplifies the creation of graph queries and enables natural language distribution to increase organizational adoption of graph analytics.

BEEZexplorer is packed with features!

BEEZexplorer 1.0

Secure user authentication
Connect to local instance of NEO4J
Assisted graph query development
Cypher only V1.0
• Expert mode
• Guided, visual mode
Ability to create a natural language query from graph query
Ability to add parameters to natural language query
Direct query results to other enterprise tools & data sources
Extensive query search with filters
Type-ahead search for natural language queries
View query results in tabular or graph mode

BEEZexplorer 1.0 will be available in early July 2022. Sign up to receive an email notification when the product is generally available.

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