Graph databases are increasing in popularity and many data analysts know that this is the future. There’s just one problem: graph analytics can be complicated. Bee6 is here to change that. The no-code database takes the garbage work out of data. Unlock the value in your data through the Bee6 code-free, data-science solution that instantly connects data according to the business rules created in a visual model builder and easily plugs into an organization’s existing infrastructure. BEE6 makes it easy so you can spend more time analyzing data instead of finding it. Connect your data in minutes now!


Are you ready to give up on Graph because you can’t get your graph database to work for you with your current data modeling tools?

The graph database market is projected to grow from $1.17 billion in 2019 to $7.39 billion in 2027 (USD).

The graph database market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.8%.

According to Gartner, the application of graph processing and graph database management systems will grow at 100% annually through 2022.

Easily Define Schemas and Create ReUsable Data Models

Are you struggling to get value from your database? Well, Bee6 makes it possible to scale with your graph easier. Create schemas with your complex data relationships faster. Our tools help you create complex queries and models in minutes without the time-consuming commitment. This way you can spend more time analyzing your data and less time Struggling with your database.

Easy Connection with Snowflake Database

With Bee6, pulling data from multiple sources is as easy as putting in the credentials for the database. With no code, you can pull data from Excel files, SQL databases, delimited files, and Snowflake. While pulling the data you can also set data validation rules to ensure quality in the data you are bringing into your graph database. After you have created your pipelines and data schemas, Bee6 can send the output directly back to a specified database or deliver it in a file format.

Data Modeling Tools and Analyzers

Are you tired of going back and forth trying to create a query and analyzer that works for you? Bee6 makes graph analytics easy. Bee6 has a large and growing library of graph analyzers so you can easily run complex analytics on your schemas. Once you know it works with the current data set, easily delete the data and upload your own. This is a fast and efficient process that takes the grunt work out of graph databases.

Schedule Data Modeling to Deliver Reliable Results

After you have easily set up connections and modeled your data, you can create a scheduled run time for your analytic tasks and deliver your results directly back to your existing relational databases. This empowers your team to scale your operations with a repeatable model that can help streamline operations and get you to results faster. Schedules are highly customizable and flexible to meet your business needs.